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The land and our rural backdrop set the tone for our wines


The 300ha of Herdade do Freixo, includes the vineyards and the underground cellar.

In these Alentejo properties, located in the small village of Freixo, northwest of the Municipality of Redondo and covered by the Municipal Ecological Reserve (REN) regime, a tranquil landscape stands out, with asymmetries in the color, relief and textures of the land, provided by the different agricultural activities such as cattle grazing, arable crops and the area of ​​cork oak and cork oak, included in the environmental protection and enhancement network.

This scenic Eden, whose essence is respect for nature, seasonally receives flocks of migratory species and the very rare Black Stork, which is observed in Portugal, only in the most inland, inhospitable, isolated and with low human disturbance. A collection of ancient olive trees surround the irrigation dam, forming our Garden of Olives, but we can also glimpse these trees that tell hundreds or thousands of years of history throughout the Estate. They knew how to resist over time, to surprise us today with its uniqueness and grandeur.


Also worthy of mention is the archaeological heritage of the estate, associated with the presence of megalithic monuments and vestiges of the Roman era.

The Mother Land of our grapes are the 35ha of vineyard that can be seen on the highest hill of the Estate, at an altitude of about 450 m, benefiting from a privileged sun exposure and greater aeration of the vines; They surround a small Oasis of Azinheiras and Sobreiros, which serves as a shelter for the birds that fly over the land and marks a visual characteristic, which symbolizes the appreciation and deep respect of Herdade do Freixo for the harmony of the rural landscape.

"I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want to own."


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