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A passion for producing distinctive wines, and for protecting the rural landscape.


Herdade do Freixo is an agricultural company from northeastern Alentejo, in the municipality of Redondo, which focuses its main activity on wine production with grape varieties with a high potential to adapt to the soil and climate of the property, innovating in the productive details, which give character and savoir faire to your wines.

With a dimension of about 300 ha of pure Alentejo, in the village of Freixo, between Serra D'Ossa and Évora, its greatest ambition is the genuine preservation of this rural landscape and that its wines convey the best of the essence of their land , its vineyards and the terroir.

This ambition is materialized with the construction of an innovative winery unique in Europe, totally underground, which is not seen in the landscape, serving the purposes of the vineyard without interfering in the balance of the natural ecosystem.

An innovative project, where respect for nature dominates and an attractive terroir that is expressed in its wines.


Deep passion for the preservation of the rural landscape materializes the construction of an innovative cellar, totally underground.

The lands belonging to Herdade do Freixo originate from a passion of investors for the Alentejo, for its wines, and an ambition to build a generational reference project, maintaining the centenary authenticity of the property.

It unites their passion for the preservation of the rural landscape of the Herdade do Freixo hills and an excellent protection of local fauna and flora, combined with

the production of wines of unquestionable quality, with a winery of unparalleled value in the village of Freixo, in Redondo, and classic wines, which represent the best of the essence of their origin, while protecting the lands from an agricultural, visual and environmental point of view.

Concept and production decisions defined with the aim of achieving a differentiating wine style


Idealized with total consistency, from the choice of grape varieties and clones, to the implantation of the vineyard, the viticulture and winemaking style adopted, the selection of the lots, to the stage of almost 2 years in depth, with constant temperatures throughout the year, all the choices in the construction of the Herdade do Freixo project were and are daily directed towards obtaining wines with great concentration, persistence and simultaneously a differentiating freshness and longevity for the wines of the region.

With regard to customers and suppliers, Herdade do Freixo is committed to building solid partnerships, focused on common ideals of excellence, trust and sustainability.

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